Welkom op onze HortiMaX-Go! CloudPortal

Part of the HortiMaX-Go!

The CloudPortal is the online environment for the HortiMaX-Go! Cloud management. From the CloudPortal, you can manage your CloudBoXes, controllers and app users.


Thank you for using our online services, we hope you enjoy it!

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that Ridder introduced a new improved payment system for its worldwide online services last year.

To prevent your online operation from being interrupted, we ask you to check in time whether you have payment obligations;

Check the expiration date of your CloudBoX, if your CloudBox license will expire soon, please  proceed with payment.


Are you new to the Cloud Portal? If you have a CloudBoX, you can create an account by clicking 'Register'.

Do you already have an account? Click 'Login' to open your account.

Are you logged in? Click 'My Account’ to access your online environment. 

Would you like more information? Click 'Help’ to access the online help for the HortiMaX-Go!. Here you can find more information about the CloudBoX and the CloudPortal under the Cloud menu.